Fancy Brand is an entirely original fashion project created by graphic designer Denys Golemenkov. The main concept is to bring vintage drawings and engravings into the modern world, maintaining their classy style, but giving them new, fancy life.

Many of the illustrations are recycled from the past, yet others are newly-created out of modern photographs by using unique design techniques. The designer takes old world images and combines them into whimsical and imaginative collages, creating styles that appeal to both, modern and classical fashion senses.

The black-and-white simplicity of the vintage images, in surreal compositions, are combined with fresh bright backgrounds, in a contrasting, eye-catching way, in hopes of inspiring a new fashion trend.

The current and more designs are available for sale on various clothing and keepsake items through the link below.


Denys is also open to suggestions and can create completely custom, one-of-a-kind images just for you.
E-mail Denys: or call: 416.222.3451 (Toronto, Canada).

© Denys Golemenkov, 2015.