The idea behind the placement of graphic images on clothing, and the various designs, is for the wearer to be able to combine any number of Fancy Brand clothing pieces into one outfit easily and stylishly. Clothing pieces would have multiple images on them - a large collage on the front, back or side of the item, plus a few smaller elements elsewhere. Leggings, shorts or jeans, for example, would have a large graphic element on just one leg. A pair of Fancy Brand canvas shoes would have a black-and-white image on one shoe, while the other would remain of solid color. This would be maintained throughout various styles and graphic designs.

Wearing different pieces of Fancy Brand clothing would create an effect of a coordinating, trendy look, without having to seek out similar designs. Ideally all pieces would complement the others within the clothing line, and would be interchangeable. Clothing pieces would be of all different colors, but the unifying style of graphics will bring them all together. The brand will have its own signature fabric colors, to ensure that it maintains its individuality and that all the colors, across the board, would compliment each other. When multiple Fancy Brand items are worn together, they would instantly combine into a bright and vibrant outfit, pulled together with neutral accessories that pop and stand out against colorful clothing backgrounds.

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